"The parish is where the Church lives. Parishes are communities of faith, of action, and of hope. They are where the Gospel is proclaimed and celebrated, where believers are formed and sent to renew the earth. Parishes are the home of the Christian community; they are the heart of our Church. Parishes are the place where God's people meet Jesus in word and sacrament and come in touch with the source of the Church's life."

Communities of Salt and Light, p. 1


The parish community has a special role in promoting participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.


St Michael Parish Registration Form 

St Michael Parish Registration Form (fillable pdf)



Parish Bldg and Property Social Event Use Guidelines and Rules

Parish Bldg and Property Social Event Rental Agreement

Diocese Special Events Application for Insurance Coverage 



(General Information)

St Michael Statutes (Promulgated by Bishop Sheridan on December 5, 2011)

Diocese of Colorado Springs Document Retention Policy, March 31, 2014

St Michael Parish Church Pastoral and Finance Councils' Policy and Procedures (March 2022)




St Michael Pastoral Council Statutes



St Michael Finance Council Statutes

     Policy and Procedures for Parish Level Fundraising Activities

     Policy and Procedures for Parish Level Gambling Activities

     Parish Financial Reimbursement Policy and Procedures




Announcement, 2023 Scholarship Fund Program

     Announcement, 2023 Scholarship Fund Program (043023) (extended 061623)

2023 St Michael Scholarship Program 

     2023 St Michael Scholarship Program (043023) (extended 061623)

     2023 St Michael Scholarship Program Application (043023) (Extended 061623) (fillable pdf)

2023 St Michael Scholarship Program Application 

     2023 St Michael Scholarship Program Application (043023) (Extended 061623)


2023 St. Michael Scholarship Program Winners

     First Place:  Chance Claman

     Second Place:  McKenna Murphy

     Third Place:  Taylor Claman



Article, What constitutes a ministry


Our Parish Volunteer Booklet on Ministries and Activities

Policy and Procedures Regarding Use of the Parish Name and Ministry Titles 

Policy and Procedures for Parish Level Fundraising Activities

Policy and Procedures for Parish Level Gambling Activities

Parish Financial Reimbursement Policy and Procedures



Altar Server Ministry

     USCCB Guidelines for Altar Servers

     Procedures for Altar Servers

     Instructions on Changing the Altar Candle Lighter Wick 

     How to Tie an Alb Cincture 


Music Ministry

Universal (Vatican) Church and USCCB Information:

     De musica sacra et sacra liturgia (Instruction on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy) 

     Musicam Sacram (highlighted music portions)

     Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Liturgy) (highlighted music portions)

     Sing to the Lord (Music in Divine Worship)   (USCCB 2007)

     USCCB Guidelines on Music and Art

     Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) - On Singing and Music


Parish-Level Information:

     Music Ministry Handbook

     Article, Why Is the Responsorial Psalm Important and Supposed to Be Sung

     Article, Difference between Alleluiah and Halleluiah 

     Article, What are the Church norms on Mass music and musical instruments

     Article, Mass Musical Settings

     Article, Is Applause Appropriate During Church Liturgies?


Reader Ministry

     USCCB Guidelines for Lectors/Readers

     Reader Procedures

     Instructions for Readers to read the Responsorial Psalm


Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) Ministry

     USCCB Guidelines for EMHCs

     Bishop Sheridan's EMHC Ministry Mandation Guidelines (2019)

     EMHC Procedures

     EMHC Procedures   (Supplemental Instructions for Distribution of Communion Outside the Mass)

     Article, Why are the EMHCs asked to not enter the sanctuary until the priest finishes receiving Communion



     Sacristan Policy and Procedures Booklet (including Change 1, 092521)

     (Atch 1) Sacristan Norms for cleaning liturgical clothes and garments

     (Atch 2) Sacristan Checklist for Daily and Weekend Masses

     (Atch 2A) Preparation and Use of Low-Glutton Communion Host

     (Atch 3) Ordo Instructions

     (Atch 4) Sacristan Checklist for Baptisms

     (Atch 5) Sacristan Checklist for Funerals

     (Atch 6) Sacristan Checklist for Medical Related Incidents

     (Atch 7) Sacristan Checklist for Weddings

     (Atch 8) Sacristan Checklist for Eucharistic Adoration

     (Atch 9) Instructions on Changing the Altar Candle Lighter Wick

     (Atch 10) Instructions on Changing the Altar Candle Wick

     (Atch 11) Instructions on Cleaning the Holy Water Door Fonts

     (Atch 12) How to start thurible charcoal for incensation


     Article, Consecrate Bread for Mass Communion (no tabernacle use) 

     Article, Can the Communion Host (Body of Christ) be gluten free bread 



Welcoming Ministers (Ushers) Responsibilities   (in booklet print format)


Environment Committee / Ministry

Environment Committee Responsibilities



Moto Proprio, Antiquum Ministerium  (Instituting the Ministry of Catechist)  

USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth (revised June 2018)

USCCB Religious Education Program Textbook Confirmity List (Sept 2021)


      Letter, Catechists re Sept 2021 Textbook Conformity List 

      Catechist Prayer

      Diocese of Colorado Springs Manual for the Protection of Minors

      Diocese of Colorado Springs Sexual Misconduct Policy



Offertory Money Counters

     Catholic Mutual Review of Parish Accounts and Financial Control Guidelines

     Diocesan Finance Manual Chapter 09--Cash Receipts


Parish Scholarship Program

      Policy and Procedures for the Parish's Scholarship Program

      2023 St Michael Scholarship Program Application