St. Michael Catholic Church

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Calhan, CO  80808

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St. Michael Catholic Church

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Calhan, CO  80808        )


Office:   (719) 347-2290

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Fr. Bob Newbury                                                                            Unis Burke

Parochial Administrator                                                                Office/Business Manager


Sacramental Emergencies

There are some times when a situation may arise that requires emergency access to the Sacraments, such as a sudden severe illness, a serious accident (for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick), pending death (the Prayers of the Dying) or the death of a person has just occurred (the Prayers of the Dead).


-  If it is during normal parish church business hours, please contact the parish's main office (719-347-2290) and leave the necessary information (i.e., name of person/s, location (are they at home, hospital or hospice), etc.) to be relayed to the Priest; so he can be go to confer the sacrament/s.


-  If it is after-business hours, in emergent cases ONLY, please call the priest's emergency contact number of  720-308-6378  to notify him of any of such Sacramental Emergencies.


If it is after business hours and it is NOT a Sacramental Emergency, please contact the parish church's main office number (719-347-2290) and leave a message.  The priest will retrieve the message and/or complete the task/s, as soon as humanly possible.